Kusa Systems is a product design company specializing in aftermarket accessories for trucks. Kusa Systems was established in response to the obsolescence of monolithic truck “camper shells”. Kusa is short for Kusari; Kusari is Japanese for chain mail. The chain mail was assembled to form Kusari gusoku (chain mail armor) used by the samurai class. This flexible armor is synonymous with the goal of our products thus inspiring the company’s name: Kusa Systems. 

Our products are designed to offer utility to the user in conjunction with covering and protecting the truck, cargo, and occupants. Our aesthetic moves are 3-fold: efficiency of manufacturing, armor-like quality, and durability. Our first product release, the patent-pending MCR (modular cover rack) was one designed for protecting all three aspects of our mission: truck, cargo, and occupants.

The modular aspect of the design allows the user to configure the product to their needs, as well as the ability to be assembled/disassembled by a single person. This product is unlike any “topper" on the market due to its flat packable configuration and its versatility. Currently the system fits third generation Toyota Tacomas, but we are working on other brands and lines.